Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mansory strikes a third time.


   I never thought I would be writing so much about Mansory, but it seems as if they keep catching my attention with their elaborate plans for revamping cars. This time around it involves a very well known car, the Bugatti Veyron.

   Mansory's track record isn't that great when it comes to their finished product of "custom" cars. As shown in the above story, their projects haven't come out looking that well. I'm not saying that their revamp of the Bugatti Veyron is perfect and better than a stock Bugatti, but it is not nearly as bad as their rendition of the Panamera and Range Rover Sport. In fact, it is a lot better than any of their previous attempts.

   With the Veyron, Mansory has added a new front fascia with LED's integrated into the lower grille. It features new front fenders and larger carbon fiber rocker panels. In fact, it looks as if a lot of carbon fiber was added to the Veyron. New dark bronze wheels were also equipped which help set of the styling and dark tone of the car itself. Not only did they style the outside but they also put the inside under the knife. From far away it almost looks as if a high school girl bedazzled the steering wheel and door handle surrounds, which is unsettling at first. Upon further inspection though, it looks as if they used a woven mesh and leather combination. The interior this time around is kept down to two primary colors unlike the other Mansory renditions and splashes of carbon fiber are used tastefully rather than over the top.

   All in all, this time around, Mansory has done well. They haven't overdone it too much and kept it much more tasteful than their previous attempts. It still is not to my liking but due to the fact that only 3 are supposed to be made, millionaires will be all over it. No price has been given yet but I am sure that it will be vastly out of my price range. Although I feel like if I had the money for the Mansory edition (also called the Vencero) I would still opt for a regular Veyron, or maybe the Super Sport. No thank you Mansory, nice try but I will stick to my price range.

Author: Brad Roy


  1. I'll be honest and say that a lot of that flew over my head, but I do like the interior of that car. Is that bad?

  2. It's not at all bad. If you commented on the Range Rover Sport then I would be worried.