Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mansory Strikes Again.


  It looks like the first round of Mansory make overs wasn't bad enough so they have decided to try their hand in it again. This time around they set their sights on the prestigious Range Rover Sport. Their second shot at customization is not nearly as bad as their first (see picture below), but i does cause just as much ill will at first sight.
Mansory's first attempt.

  Although it does not seem to be disgustingly over exaggerated it does lack certain fluidity throughout the front bumper to the doors. Although I am always a fan of carbon fiber accents, the hood and pillar accents seem out of place and over the top. The exterior in retrospective is not all that bad, it's the interior that really kills it.

   A terribly contrasted steering wheel, a disgustingly odd shade of brown, and the Mansory emblem tagged on the dash and seats creates all but a warm and welcoming environment. The colors seem over the top, which is the same mistake that Mansory made with the Panamera. Rather than using simple accents and tones that would add to the look of the interior they have doused the poor car with splashes of brown and an odd off yellow color. Its as if a perfectly good fur coat was doused in blood by a crazed animal activist then later sold as a custom coat. This Range Rover is all but beautiful, which is truly a shame. The Range Rover was treated to a makeover for the 2011 year. It was given a 4.4 litre TDV8 engine and an 8 speed gearbox. However these factors are overshadowed in this "custom" edition due to some major flaws. It may just not be my cup of tea but something about this car rubs me the wrong way. And its starting to look as if Mansory is getting away with murder.

EDIT: Mansory strikes a third time! This time with the Bugatti Veyron (see post above)

Author: Brad Roy

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