Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Cat is looking to catch the Mouse....Again!

There's a new contender ready to take on Bugatti.

Bugatti Veyron SS
As if Bugatti was holding on to the speed record it claimed with the Veyron just a little too long, SSC is looking to snatch it again. This time around it involves an unnamed super car SSC has conjured and the Bugatti Veyron SS, which now boasts almost 1,200 hp and a new, and staggering, top speed of 267 mph. That vast power is all thanks to the 8 liter, 16 cylinder engine which comes standard with quad turbochargers.

 After years of silence however, SSC has emerged with a contender. A sleek looking, but still unnamed super car that will unleash 1,350 horsepower. Looks like the Veyron and Mr. X will be pretty evenly matched huh? Wrong. The first Ultimate Aero by SSC, which originally held the speed record for a production car, weighed a third less than the Veyron does. Yet it lacked the hp and traction control it needed to beat out the Veyron even with the track inspired weight. Excessive wheel spin through the first 3 gears may have partially led to the title being stolen by Bugatti. This time around though, things are different. The scale is tipping in the favor of SSC's new, and still unnamed villain.
The new, unnamed SSC super car. Ready to fight.

Not only will the SSC hope to break the record with style, but with class as well. It seems as if this time around driver aids are being added as well as aerodynamic improvements and even more weight shedding. Seems as if SSC decided to put the Ultimate Aero on a diet and plenty of steroids. Its still unknown as to what will happen and if SSC will once again claim the title, but it seems like there is a good chance Bugatti will have to give up what they fought so hard to get. Which I believe will go to a much better looking contender.

The SSC has a much sleeker look than the Veyron and resonates a more aggressive attitude. With sleek white color and a strong sloping front which leads to aggressive air dams and sharp angles on the rear, SSC has created something beautiful. The have created a monster but managed to keep him locked up and ready to pounce on an unsuspecting mouse.

Author: Brad Roy

Photos: Ripley and Ripley

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